Alberto’s roots in the culinary arts date back to about age 12 when he first recalls making traditional Spanish patatas bravas alongside his first cooking teacher, his mother Pilar. After years of learning from “the pro,” Alberto received formal training in International Cuisine at the Hospitality Institute of Majadahonda, outside of Madrid, Spain. Since graduating over 20 years ago, he has worked as a chef in a variety of establishments—from restaurants to nursing homes to schools. In 2007, Alberto formed his own company De Gira Como En Casa after touring with the Spanish music group elbicho as their private chef.


Jennifer, who moved to Madrid in 2010 as a transplant from New York City, was thrilled when she met Alberto and no longer had to worry about the lack of take-out dinner options in Madrid! A few years later, they became life partners, but it wasn’t until they relocated to New York that they became business partners.


No Place Like Home was born! With Alberto's culinary expertise and Jennifer's management skills, there’s no doubt that you will be in good hands for all of your personal chef needs.

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