"Our whole family was very impressed by you and your food today. Thank you for doing a wonderful job from beginning to end --you were responsive to my initial inquiry, extremely thorough in your follow through.We were very happy we hired you and will be thrilled to hire you in the future and to recommend you to friends and family."  

~Felicia S.

"We were lucky enough to find Alberto to provide cooking classes in Spanish for our son and daughter. Alberto knew just how to tap into our kids' enthusiasm and provide practical instruction in a fun, engaging and most importantly, supportive way. Each class was spent learning to prepare a new and interesting dish including international cuisine. It was totally hands on and they loved every class. The dish prepared always came home for the whole family to try. Alberto's interactions with both of our kids (two very different kids) was intuitive and supportive.  His cooking classes were really well prepared and personalized. He tapped into each of their interests and provided a fabulous and fun learning experience."

~Sharon M.  

"Alberto created a relaxed and comfortable environment in his class and at the same time, we were so productive! He answered questions regarding the history of the food, preparation tips and techniques and alternate preparations. Alberto was completely prepared so that the class ran smoothly from one phase of preparation to another, and one dish to the next. It felt l like I was on a TV cooking show! The food was delicious and I learned recipes I can easily make at home on my own."

~Anna T.

"We have used No Place Like Home for 2 house parties. One was my husbands 40th and another was my son's 3rd birthday party. The food was absolutely amazing and Jennifer and Alberto were amazing to work with.  The process was so straight forward and individualized. No Place Like Home has a way with keeping to your budget without skimping on the quality of the food.  Alberto easily accommodated our request for several gluten and dairy free options.  Jennifer is wonderful to work with, and when Alberto comes in your house, you will be amazed with his professionalism and efficiency.  He will NOT make a mess of your kitchen.  In fact, mine may have ended up more clean after he finished!" 

~Angela S. 

"We used Alberto for a party in Madrid. The food was delicious. I was most impressed with the calm and professional manner that Alberto handled an equipment failure. He found what he needed in the kitchen and moved forward. It was hectic in the kitchen, but seamless at the party. I highly recommend using No Place Like Home."

~Yiotula S. 

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