Too tired at the end of a long day to cook? Sick of take-out? Want more quality time with your family and friends? Just want to RELAX and ENJOY restaurant quality meals in the privacy of your own home? We at No Place Like Home are happy to provide you with that experience!


After getting your request for information, either Alberto or Jennifer will contact you to learn more about exactly what type of weekly meal service you are seeking. You have two package options:

Package 1:
Alberto will come to your home, prepare your meal and serve it that same day.


Package 2:

On a mutually convenient day, Alberto will come to your home, prepare the number of meals you request for the week, and leave them in re-usable containers in your refrigerator with heating and serving instructions.  You are welcome to be home or not while he is creating in your kitchen.


With either package option, we will send you some sample menus and a budget proposal, designed with your family’s preferences and dietary restrictions in mind. After you’ve approved our proposal, we will come to your home for a brief consultation to take a look at your kitchen, cooking equipment, and basic food supplies.


You don’t lift a finger! Alberto does all of the shopping, prep work and cooking. After he has finished cooking, you won’t even know he’s been there. Your kitchen will be left spotless, and he’ll see you the next week, same day, same time.

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